So we’re back from tour (sigh) and we had an amazing time. Special thanks to the awesome people in Iowa City and Chicago for some rockin’, booty-shakin’ shows!

Now we’re working on recording songs for the upcoming album and planning some shows for the fall. Check back soon for those dates! 


Day 5 of tour! Last night we played in Columbia, Missouri, home of the tigers. Naturally this provided us with lots of photo opportunities (see fig. 1). We also ate some awesome pizza. Twice.

Today we arrived in the early afternoon to Lawrence, Kansas, where we immediately sought three plates of greasy nourishment. We were pretty full and sleepy after that, but luckily we encountered a little boy with extraordinary powers whose death-defying feats jolted our minds back to waking. And he went by the name of Magic Tim (see fig. 2)

fig. 1


fig. 2


Day three of tour! So far Indiana has been a mishmash of long-lost high school friends, fire-weilding rhythmic gymnasts , screamo bands with increasingly large ear gauges, fresh fruit stands selling confederate flag pins, and various other oddities. Now we’re in Bloomington staying at a co-op full of ridiculously kind people and also one very cute dog.